First balcony garden

June 11, 2010 by  

I plan to post more “in-progress” pictures when I get a chance but for now, here are pictures of Jasmine and me planting the first of many pots for our balcony garden. I’ve planted:

1. Herbs – basil/rosemary/cilantro
2. Peppers – baby sweet/turkish hot/jalapenos
3. Tomatoes – roma/cherry
4. Cucumber
5. Zucchini
6. Flowers

Unfortunately, it’s already looking dubious that all the plants will produce but I’m not giving up hope. Really I’m using this year more as an experiment to see what’s able to grow on a balcony and apply that to next year’s garden. Of course if things don’t grow this year, I will probably chalk it up to the roots not having enough space in the pots. That will lead to me asking Jason to build me a garden bed on the balcony and I’ll just plant the same things over again regardless of whether they survived this year. I can see this attempt to grow my own fruit/vegetables to save money actually costing me much more in the long run.

On a happier note, the herbs are doing wonderfully and it’s great being able to enjoy the fruits of my labor already! (pun intended) It was also nice to be able to garden “with” Jasmine. I use the term loosely because I did more of the heavy lifting and she did more of the walking around. In her defense, she held a duster the whole time and swept away any soil that didn’t make it into the pot. Yes, she gets that from Jason.



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