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Once a year, Jason and I will splurge on ourselves and go out to the Tanger Outlets in Riverhead to get some new clothes. Since we’ll be going to Chicago for our anniversary soon, we decided this past weekend was as good a time as any. I did my research online and printed out tons of coupons to the stores we planned to hit up so we were prepared.

Naturally, another aspect of my preparation was centered around food. I knew we’d be out there all day and I didn’t want to settle for food from the food court. I turned to Google for places to eat in Riverhead and one of the first hits was Briermere Farms, which is a farm stand about 5 miles from the outlets. At first I dismissed it as a produce stand but then I looked at the reviews on Yelp. People claimed that it was the best pie they ever had and were driving out to Riverhead JUST for the pies! I found it a little hard to believe so had to find out for myself. I saw from some reviews that they also sold muffins there so I knew Jason could be convinced to check them out for breakfast. With our AM meal decided, I turned my focus to lunch. After some more Googling, I came across this post from Yvo, one of my favorite NYC bloggers! I’m always in the mood for seafood and the list of viable options for food out in Riverhead is not very long to begin with so Buoy One quickly made the cut.

Here is a picture of the apple tart (basically a big hand pie) from Briermere Farms.


They were just loading these into the case from the oven when we got there. I still think of this pie daily and am trying to think of ways to convince Jason to drive out there again just for this. First of all, it was ginormous so a great deal at $5. Jason and I shared it and still had enough to take home for my mom to try. The crust was incredibly crispy, flaky, and light. But it was substantial too. I prefer a high crust to filling ratio and this had exactly that. The filling itself was delicious as well. The apples were perfectly tender and not too sweet. It really blew my mind. We also got a strawberry muffin which we both really liked but to be honest, I was too busy enjoying the apple tart to take a picture of it :) We spent $14 on the muffin, tart, a jar of apple butter, and a no sugar-added fresh apple/raspberry juice. Not a bad way to start off our day of bargain hunting!

Briermere Farms has traditional whole fruit pies and cream pies that are both fresh and frozen. Next time we go out there, I will definitely bring a cooler so that the pies can withstand the wait in the car while we shop at the outlet. That was the only thing deterring me from buying a few pies to take home this time! The only negative thing I could see people saying of this place is that there’s no seating but we happily opened up the trunk of our SUV and ate inside while people watching :)

We shopped for a few hours and then headed 1.5 miles away from the outlet to Buoy One for lunch.


When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to see an outdoor patio area and since it looked like the rain was holding off, decided to take a seat out there.


Jason got the fried cod sandwich and a fried shrimp sandwich and I got the fried whole belly clams. We are so healthy :) In my defense, I only get fried whole belly clams once in a blue moon because unfortunately, only a few places offer them.


The menu at Buoy One is actually quite extensive with tons of specials and different preparation styles. Please don’t let our order deter you if you are a health nut because it’s definitely not a fried-seafood-only type shack. We were just in a fried seafood type mood :) If Jason could eat shellfish though, I think I would’ve gotten one of their lobster bakes. It smelled so fresh and fantastic and came in a big steaming pot. I was ogling the one set at the table next to ours.

Overall, our meal down to the cole slaw and cocktail sauce was great and inexpensive. I think the total for 2 beers, two sandwiches, and the platter was $40. We left happy and quickly because as soon as we paid, it started to pour.

Luckily, by the time we got back to the outlet, the rain had stopped and it was nice weather the rest of our trip :)



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