Not just any Sunday

March 15, 2009

We finally put together the footage for Jan 18th (from the beginning to the birth) so we hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I had originally done this is FCE but couldn’t figure out LiveType. Long story short I had to convert this like 4 times for iMovie, which caused the first few frames to be rough in transition (i.e the first scene/second scene transition). I swear the clip transition throughout was flawless.

Enjoy the short 6 minute movie :)

Jasmine’s Smile

March 5, 2009

This is our first attempt at getting home movies online so the format’s a bit spotty. Still, we think it’s a great first shot :) Jasmine is tons of fun in the morning, as seen here!

Jacquie’s 25th Bday

November 11, 2008