Jasmine’s First Halloween

December 29, 2009

This past Halloween was our first with a baby so an otherwise non-momentous day for Jason and I was very exciting. Since Jasmine can’t currently express her own opinion on what she wants to be dressed up as, we had to come up with something on our own. I turned to the Internet for suggestions and even debated putting together a costume myself. I’ve recently started sewing – in the interest of increasing my domesticity – but knew a costume was way out of my league.

While we initially really wanted to dress her up as some kind of food (Jason’s suggestion was a chili pepper, shocker I know), we thought it better to dress her up as something more relevant to HER likes. During my internet searches, I came across a very cute and high quality monkey costume by Paul Alma and since Jasmine has a deep love for her monkey, Mono, whom she sleeps with every night, it worked. Only one problem, it retails for almost $100 after tax and shipping.

Now I fancy myself a person who splurges once in a while, but to spend almost a hundred dollars on a costume my child will only be able to wear once and probably not for long was out of the question. That’s where Ebay and my quick-on-his-feet husband came in to save the day.

I checked if there were any auctions going on and just my luck, there was one ending in 2 minutes and the latest bid was only $25!! I tried logging in quickly but seeing as I haven’t used eBay in at 4+ years, had no idea what my password could be. A frantic call to Jason left me further disappointed when he said he didn’t know his either. I thought all was lost when the auction ended and I still hadn’t managed to uncover my password. That is, until Jason called me, told me he looked for his password in his gmail after hanging up with me on the off chance it would be there, found it, logged in, bid, and won. Yes folks, this was all in about a 45 second span.

So thanks to our (Jasmine and my) hero, here are some pics from Halloween with Jasmine, our little monkey! :)















Click here to see the video that grandma shot of us putting her into the costume.

Jasmine’s First Halloween

December 28, 2009

Pics from Halloween 2009.

Click here for the video of us putting Jasmine into the costume.

Click here for the full post.

Happy Halloween!

November 15, 2009

Happy (very belated) Halloween! While we didn’t actually trick or treat with Jasmine, mostly because we felt ridiculous carrying our 9 month old door to door asking for candy we’d obviously consume, we did dress her up. The wonderful videography here is by my good ole mom :)

Music by Marson Ramos, “The Halloween Theme”