D.P. Dough Philly!

October 16, 2009

The four of us – Mikey, Scott, Jason, and I – traveled down a long and hard road for three years to get to where we were a few weeks ago. On Saturday, September 26th at 5 PM, we opened the doors of D.P. Dough Philly to business for the first time. Our full story deserves a book, let alone a blog post. I’ll reserve that for another time though and just leave you with a few of the pics from our opening day.

We were so unprepared to pass our health inspection that our soda wasn’t even scheduled to come in yet. Scott and I rushed to a local beverage depot and filled up the car with beverages.

The make-shift sign Jason put up to let people know we’d be opening that day.

Scott doing his best version of magnum with Corwin, our kick-butt manager in the background.

dsc_0576 Some Penn students in our store getting their first taste of the zone greatness.

Sonny has been a great supporter of us despite the fact that we were the ones who kicked him out of his original location. He was even our first customer ever!

DP Dough Philly Progress

November 22, 2008

Visit our site at www.dpdoughphilly.com!!! Here’s our direct blog post link: Store Progress

DP Dough’s Meal Ticket

November 12, 2008

We finally got our first publication! We’re hoping more of this free advertising starts to roll in now that we’re closer to opening, but it still feels good that the neighborhood is excited to have us!

Click here to read the article:

City Paper

Here’s our direct DP Dough Philly blog post link: Store Progress