Eating with a Fork

March 5, 2010

Jasmine has made considerable progress from when she was slurping mush to now, where she can “feed herself.” I use the phrase feeding herself rather loosely of course because if you or I fed ourselves like she does herself, then we’d get kicked out of every restaurant in America.

In the video below, we were in a patient mood and decided this particular Saturday was as good as any to start letting her try to use utensils — and she LOVED it. Now two months later,
we have worked into the pattern of feeding her, helping her feed herself, letting her feed herself, and then letting her stir her food around in circles. It makes meal time a fun mess.

Our Little Trekkie…er

February 22, 2010

I’m sure my dad will be disappointed when he finds out we didn’t actually dress Jasmine up as Spock or any other character. She’s a trekker, one who walks :)

She was taking a step here and a step there for a few weeks, but it wasn’t until Christmas Day that she finally put enough together in a row that we considered it walking. It was weirdly anticlimactic when she did start walking because there were so many “oh she’s about to start walking…nope she fell” moments along the way. It wasn’t as definitive as the movies would have you believe where the baby is crawling, pops up, starts walking and grabs a beer out of the fridge. That was the case with labor and her crawling too. And talking actually. You know, I don’t think TV is honest with it’s depictions. Unbelievable.

Here’s the video of her finally walking. It really did take me 2 months to capture this elusive footage; it wasn’t that I was procrastinating with the editing. The Christmas and birthday videos are a different story though…

For the record, I resisted the urge to overlay The Proclaimers on this video.

First Birthday

January 18, 2010

I’m playing with time here because I just now finished the video (7/18), which is coincidentally her 18 month birthday. However, I wanted this posted chronologically so you’ll see it’s actually posted on 1/18. Good stuff. Here is a short 5 minute recap of Jasmine’s first birthday; thanks to all our friends and family who came out to make it special.

**Music is Macy Gray’s “Time of My Life”**